Construction and real estate

In the framework of “Government housing program for undeveloped  district ”, our company is aiming to build modern housing district with green environment and complex infrastructure and engineering that conformed International standards and practices.
The company concentrates on land pooling, land management, construction  work, house sales  and management of real estate.
Our company’s  short term goals are to implement  project of эху 7th and 14th  district located in central zone of the city, to process acquisitions on lands required for the construction by negotiation with landowners  and to put freed lands into urban planning.
Furthermore, the company is focusing on the creating effective mortgage scheme and financing with long term loans and low interest.
Following 3 subsidiary companies are  cooperating on construction and real estate market:

  • Beren Land Development LLC
  • Beren Construction and Automation LLC
  • Beren Mortgage Group LLC