Beren tamir LLC


Beren Tamir Co., Ltd was set up by Beren Group in 2007 to further expand  agriculture and livestock husbandry to other provinces of the country.
The company plants wheat, popcorn, potatoes and vegetables in the territory of Tuvshruulekh county, Arkhangai province in Mongolia and does livestock husbandry in three counties of the province for wool and meat in the form of herder cooperatives. The company has storage silos and warehouses to store 200-300 tons of wheat, meat, corn and a cold storage for 1000 tons of vegetables.
The company operates semi mechanized teams and has equipment and machineries to plant and harvest 40-50 hectares of wheat a day. It has other assets and equipment such as storage yards, wheat grain processors and soil tillage.






Khan-Uul district, Chinggis avenue, Beren tower Head office #50, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia P.O.Box – 36- 278