Atar urguu JSC


Atar Urguu Joint Stock Company was established in 1941 with the name of Bread and Pastry Factory. It was privatized in 1992 with 40% of state ownership remaining, and the company changed its name to Atar JSC and Atar-Urguu JSC in 1996. Later, with the purchase of the remaining shares by Beren Group Co., Ltd in 1997 at an open auction, it was completely privatized. The company is the first bread and baked food manufacturing company established in Mongolia and has been continuously supplying bread and pastry products such as bread, bakery, cookies and biscuits for over 70 years.

Today, Atar Urguu J.S.C. has become a reliable partner of Mongolian consumers with over 360 employees in total, who are working 24 hours a day serving and supplying bread and pastry products for 30% of consumers in the capital city. The company delivers its products by more than 40 trucks through over 1600 distribution points. In recent years, technical and technological overhauls have been periodically made including the successful commissioning of advanced automatic production line with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year to bake Atar brand bread in 2009. The refurbishment and commissioning of pastry and brown bread production line at No. 1 factory in 2010 provided opportunities for technical development and supply of healthy and quality products for consumers.


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