Beren mortgage group LLC


Baron Mortgage Group Co., Ltd was established by Beren Group in 2009 with the purpose to implement the exercises of highly developed countries, to adopt international standards and business practices in the market of the real estate, finance and capitals, to increase investment in the real estate sector and to realize financially reliable management of construction and mortgage system.

Over the past years, our company has commissioned 112 household’s buildings with office on the 15th khoroo of Khan-Uul district and  480 household’s building on the 14th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district.
Under  the  Government housing program for undeveloped district, the company is financing and marketing   2592 household’s 36 buildings of 7th district  and ‘Tumen Nast town’ 72 household’s building on 14th district of Bayanzurkh district.

Besides that, under the Ulaanbaatar  general development plan for 2020, we are focusing on financing and marketing of 10 000 household’s buildings, commercial and service centers and office towers which will be built on 7th district territory.
Furthermore, Beren Mortgage Group Co.,Ltd strives to build favorable conditions in the mortgage market by cooperating with financial and insurance organizations such as Mongolian National Mortgage Corporation, State Bank, Trade and Development Bank , Golomt Bank and Agricultural bank.






Khan-Uul district, Chinggis avenue, Beren tower Head office #50, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia P.O.Box – 36- 278