Construction and real estate

In the framework of “Government housing program for undeveloped  district ”, our company is aiming to build modern housing district with green environment and complex…

Mining and heavy industry

Although the mining industry was developing in Mongolia for numbers of years, the exploitation and concentration technologies of metal ores is still a young development…

Food, agriculture and light industry

The sector of food, agriculture and light industry is one of the important sectors of our country with an extended tradition. Beren Group has been engaging in the activities of wheat…

About us

Beren Group has humble beginnings in early 1990’s as an engineering firm specializing in industrial automation, electronics and information technology.

The company carried out critical industrial projects at power plants, large scale mines and industrial plants.
Now the company has grown to become one of the leading private firms in Mongolia with more than 15 subsidiary companies operating in various sectors of the country’s economy employing more than two thousand people. Five of its subsidiary companies are listed publicly on the local exchange.

The company’s current focus is in iron ore and coal mining and processing, heavy industry and construction, and it has successfully commissioned green field projects in these fields.

730 million USD construction project, 70 million USD mini-mill steel plant project, half a billion USD integrated steel plant project and other projects are currently under implementation.



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