Guril tegeel bulgan JSC


Guril Tejeel Bulgan JSC, founded in 1958, is the first flour mill to be established in Mongolia.
It was fully privatized in 1996. With the intention of supplying wheat and other grains to the flour mill, the company forayed into agriculture by setting up 10 subsidiary plantation companies in the regions of Bulgan and Selenge provinces and continuously making great amount of investment in the agricultural sector every year.

Besides the making flour and planting of grains and vegetables, Guril Tejeel Bulgan JSC also operates cow, chicken and hog farms for egg, meat and milk and sheep husbandry for wool production.

As of now, the company has the capacity to produce 11,500 tons of flour and 18,000 tons of mixed and granular fodder with elevator silos to receive, clean and dry 36,000 tons of wheat grains. Manufactured products are delivered to the neighboring provinces and Ulaanbaatar, to bread and food plants and to Atar Urguu J.S.C. A modern production line with a capacity to manufacture 120 tons of wheat flours a day was newly installed and commissioned in 2011, thus, increasing the total production capacity.






Khan-Uul district, Chinggis avenue, Beren tower Head office #50, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia P.O.Box – 36- 278