Beren Group LLC was selected as an executor of the project ‘7th district of Ulaanbaatar’ in the framework of Government Housing Program for underdevelopment district and has started construction work on the project.

Our company is striving to build complex district having quality, healthy and green environment during the implementation period between  2nd term of 2013- 4th term of 2016.

7th district, embraces 54 hectares totally, will be located in the heart of Ulaanbaatar as 1.8 km from Government House.
7th district has the capacity of apartments for 15 000 households that 46 thousand lives, hospital for 1315 patients a day, schools for 7500 pupils,  kinder garden  for 3500 children, garage for 5000 auto machines and parking lot for 2500 auto machines. Also, 38 000 m2 office area and 6400 m2 commercial and service area will be commissioned in the result of the completion of the project.

Infrastructure and engineering of the 7th district has been solved by Government housing program completely.